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Why we need support right now

We have been supporting families around the world with life-saving aid to help them protect from coronavirus. But we must do more. Read how you can help us in the global fight against coronavirus.

Coronavirus: It's not over until it's over everywhere

This global pandemic is changing all our lives. It’s our duty as humanitarians to help those least able to protect themselves.

Coronavirus: A Crisis Within a Crisis

Coronavirus is making life more dangerous than ever for families who lose their homes during disasters. Please donate to save lives today.

Coronavirus Quiz

How does the coronavirus crisis affect communities around the world? Take the quiz to test your knowledge and get the staggering facts.

How Has Our Disaster Response Work Changed During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

How do you get aid to the people who need it without endangering anyone and when most countries are on some kind of lockdown and large gatherings are banned?

Why information is vital in the fight against coronavirus in Paraguay

Learn more about the coronavirus situation in Paraguay and how you’re helping families protect themselves from this deadly virus.