Voices of the forgotten crises

by Stephanie Christensen April 5, 2024

Learn about some of the crises around the world where ShelterBox is working, and the people they have impacted.


Looking Beyond the Box: Our flexible approach to shelter aid

by JoAnna Black March 21, 2024

Learn more about ShelterBox’s flexible approach to shelter aid to ensure we bring the aid that people need when they need it.


Stories of Courageous women for International Women’s Day

by JoAnna Black March 7, 2024

To mark International Women’s Day discover the stories of some of the courageous women ShelterBox has supported.


Our partnership with Rotary in Morocco

by Stephanie Christensen January 15, 2024

Learn more about how ShelterBox responded to the devastating earthquake in Morocco, and the important part that Rotary played.


How we decide when to respond

by JoAnna Black October 18, 2023


The Importance of Pre-Positioned Aid

by JoAnna Black September 7, 2023

When disaster strikes, every second counts. That’s why our pre-positioned aid makes such a huge impact, because we can get there even faster by being prepared.


5 reasons why disasters are not ‘natural’

by Stephanie Christensen June 14, 2023

The term ‘natural disasters’ is commonly used – but disasters are not natural. Here are five reasons why.