ShelterBox Book Club

Discover themes, cultures and stories inspired by people and places around the world

What is ShelterBox Book Club?

ShelterBox Book Club is a community of people who all share the love of a quality read.

Every six weeks, ShelterBox teams carefully select a compelling story from around the world for book club members to read. You’ll receive an email with information on this month’s book, plus a link to purchase the book or buy a downloadable audio copy!

You can join the ShelterBox Book Club community on Facebook for interactive discussion, Q&A with authors, highlights from response team members and more!  Read along at your own pace and join the discussion online (but no spoilers!)

With every story you read, you’ll be transforming the lives of disaster-hit families.


To make the most out of the Global ShelterBox Book Club, be sure to join the conversation on Facebook!

The Facebook group is your opportunity to dive deeper and learn more. You’ll participate in discussion about the book and what you’ve just read, but you’ll also get to learn more about the people and places inspired by these books. You’ll get to hear from different authors about different perspectives and experiences. And you’ll receive first hand stories from ShelterBox members who’ve travelled around the world, visiting these countries to deliver aid.

After signing up below, you’ll receive a password to gain access to the Facebook group – we look forward to reading with you!

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