This year your support has helped over 210,000 people

30,000 families were provided with emergency shelter such as tents, tarpaulins, & tool kits and other household items.

and additional 12,000 families received essential household aid such as blankets, mosquito nets, solar lights, water filters and more.

Your support has changed lives in 17 different countries including Antigua and Barbuda, Bangladesh, British Virgin Islands, Chad, Cameroon, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Iraq Kenya, Niger, Nigeria, Philippines, Syria, Somalia, and Vanuatu

Your aid has reached families following 10 natural disasters, including 4 tropical cyclones, 2 earthquakes, 2 floods, a drought, and a volcanic eruption. You’ve also helped families in response to 8 conflict zones around the world.

Thank you for changing lives, and ensuring no family is left without shelter.