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After disaster strikes, light will bring safety, security and hope. Get together this winter to brighten lives with ShelterBox.

Every year thousands of families lose everything, their lives turned upside down by disaster. This winter ShelterBox Canada is asking communities all over the country to get together to raise money and brighten lives by hosting a Shine for ShelterBox Candlelit Dinner.

This winter we are partnering with LuminAID to shine light across the country to help families in need. ShelterBox sends luminAID solar lights around the world after disaster strikes. The solar lantern is easy to carry, waterproof and inflates in just seconds making it perfect for families left in the dark after disasters. Here at home it is great for camping trips, backyard BBQ's and most importantly, it is a brilliantly clever way to conquer the dark when all other power is dead

ShineFundraisingPack Do you want your very own LuminAID light!? Purchase a the Shine for ShelterBox fundraising pack for $20.00 and you will not only receive all the resources you need to make your dinner a success but you will also receive a LuminAID Packlite 16! The fundraising pack comes packed with a donation box, brochures, themed invitations and place cards for your table!

Skip the printed fundraising pack and LuminAID light and download the invites and place cards for free to print at home.

Order a Fundraising Pack and LuminAIDDownload Fundraising Pack (Print at Home)

Were you invited to a Shine for ShelterBox dinner but could not attend? Make a donation to support a Shine event below.

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Why Shine?

You'll help people like William and Annie

When monsoon rains brought waist-high floodwaters to William and Annie's village, their whole house was destroyed. Their crops were washed away and all of their belongings were lost - even their livestock.

They were also left without light. In Malawi, where William and Annie live with their five children, the sun sets quickly and the nights are completely dark. At night, dead black mambas and other poisonous snakes come out, making even short trips outside a dangerous prospect.

This is why we pack a solar light in every ShelterBox. These clever lights are waterproof, inflatable and can last up to 16 hours on just one charge. For families like William and Annie's, solar lights are much more that a convenience - they mean safety and security.

This winter, we invite you to host your very own Shine for ShelterBox dinner and come together to bring light to families around the world