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Helping families who have survived disasters has never been this easy. join our shelterbox giving team and make your MONTHLY gift AND HELP US REACH FAMILIES AFFECTED BY DISASTERS. 

We all heard about the disasters which struck Haiti and Japan a few years ago, but few know about the families who lost their homes earlier this year. On average, every 2-3 weeks ShelterBox will respond to another disaster, most of which Canadians hear little or nothing about.  

We are proud to have helped over one million people by providing them with shelter and hope in their hour of greatest need. By joining our ShelterBox Giving Team and supporting families through your monthly gift, you can help us respond immediately and bring stability to these families when much of their world is in turmoil.
  • Support our operations teams so that we can monitor disasters around the world so and respond instantly to communities who need our help. 
  • Train Canadian volunteers so that when disasters strike, we are ready to respond and can help more families in need.
  • Make sure our donors are provided with ongoing news about where ShelterBox is responding and how their support is making a difference.  
  • Provide shelter and lifesaving equipment to vulnerable families who have lost their homes.
  • Prevent diseases by providing mosquito nets and water filters so that families in areas facing malaria and waterborne illness can stay healthy.
Each month, your gift will be processed easily and with no hassle. You can change or stop your gift at any point. A single tax receipt will be issued at the end of each year. 

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