About Us
ShelterBox responds to disasters all over the world. The countries in green on the above map show where ShelterBox has responded to date.

Below are families from recent ShelterBox deployments who received aid, delivered by our ShelterBox Response Team members. Check back for more first-hand accounts from ShelterBox Response Team members in the field.

Somaliland - March 2017
A ShelterBox Response Team has deployed to Somaliland as severe drought grips the region and warnings of famine are declared. Our team is there to assess the suitability of our aid and to get an understanding of the exact numbers of people needing our support. ShelterBox Team Lead, James Luxton says, "[...] It is the widely and thinly scattered nomadic population, constantly on the move, that brings the greatest challenges. Simply finding those in greatest need amid this vast open territory will be a task. We are talking to all the relevant players, aid agencies and government, and will then decide what help ShelterBox is able to offer, and where." 

Madagascar - March 2017

A ShelterBox Response Team deployed to Madagascar in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Enawo as it made landfall on Tuesday March 7. Enawo is the strongest cyclone in 13 years to impact the country and landed as the equivalent of a Category 4 hurricane. Over 50,000 people have been left homeless thus far and this number is expected to climb. (Image courtesy of Associated Press)

 March 2017
A ShelterBox Response Team was deployed to Madagascar in the wake of tropical storm Dineo which brought heavy rains and winds of more than 160 kilometres per hour to the country. Our teams are assessing how best to support the most vulnerable families affected with our emergency shelter and aid. Photo shown is from a previous ShelterBox response in Mozambique in 2013 in response to flooding. 

CAMEROON AND NIGER - Ongoing from 2015 to present

Boko Haram violence in Nigeria has displaced 7 million people, forcing families to flee to neighbouring Niger and Cameroon. For the last two years, ShelterBox has been working with IEDA Relief to provide aid to Nigerian refugee families in Cameroon, and others who have been displaced due to conflict within the country. ShelterBox has worked closely with IEDA to provide shelter and aid to families living in Minawao Camp in northern Cameroon, as well as developing a long-term solution for construction of semi-permanent houses. You can read more about our work 

 ECUADOR - October 2016

A ShelterBox Response Team, including ShelterBox Canada Executive Director Stephanie Christensen, returned to Ecuador to check in on families who received ShelterBox aid after the April earthquake and also providing more aid for families whose homes were damaged by further aftershocks. ShelterBox provided over 3,000 families with ShelterKits consisting of heavy duty tarps, tools, building materials and bamboo, as well as mosquito nets and water filters. With the aid, training and assistance provided by ShelterBox, families were able to build strong, locally appropriate homes. You can learn more about the return to Ecuador on our blog here.

 Ongoing from October 2016 - present 
For the last two years, Islamic State has had a tight grip
 on the city of Mosul, Iraq. On October 17, Iraqi security forces, along with Kurdish and Tribal froces and support from the US, began a military offensive to retake the city. In the midst of the chaos, the residents of Mosul are looking for an escape with the conflict estimated to force an additional one million people to be displaced. ShelterBox is poised to help families displaced from Mosul by providing them with shelter. For more information about our response in Iraq, visit our page here

levy matthieu and his family - Haiti. October 2016 

Levy Mathiu and his family were all involved in the upkeep of their productive plot where surplus crops were sold to the loca market. On the night of October 4th, everything changed. The Matthieu family lost everything after Hurricane Matthew tore through Haiti. Their home was wrecked through the night with barely a wall standing by dawn. Their livestock had run away, all their crops had been destroyed. Our team in Haiti is continuing to work with communities and getting to know the familes affected by Hurricane Matthew. Stories like Levy's start to emerge that give us an insight into their lives and how desperate we are to get aid to people. You can read more about ShelterBox's work in Haiti here.