About Us


Below is the current roster of ShelterBox Response Team Members from Canada. The ShelterBox Response Team is an international group of volunteers who have been trained extensively to handle the challenges and procedures involved in delivering ShelterBox aid to a disaster area.


Dave lives and works in Vancouver, BC, providing computer programming for software and websites. When he is not planted in front of the computer screen, he can be found mountain biking or skiing.

Deeply affected by the devastation of the 2004 tsunami, Dave made it his goal to help. He became an SRT member in 2009, and was deployed to Chile in 2010. He is looking forward to additional deployments in the near future.


Andre Bloemink grew up in Toronto, Ontario but has called the Rocky Mountains home for the past 20 years. He presently lives in Fernie, BC with his wife and two children.

Since graduating from the University of Western Ontario with an Honours B. Ed., Andre has had numerous professional adventures. He taught 5 years of Outdoor Experiential Education to Youth at risk populations, pursued a short-lived aviation career, and now works as a Ski guide and construction project manager.

Always having a desire to do relief work, it was hearing about ShelterBox that inspired him to take action. Andre was accepted to the SRT team in 2011, and embarked on his first deployment to Peru in April 2012. Since then he has deployed to the Philippines, Malawi


Per Dahlstrom was born in Vancouver, BC and has been fortunate to call many places around the world home.  He has attended various schools and worked across Canada, South Africa, Denmark and South Korea.

Per is graduate of the UBC faculty of Science. He has planted trees, taught alpine skiing, surveyed ocean bottoms, formed a real estate services group and most recently joined as SRT member. He is an active member of the Duncan Rotary Club and is a supporter of many community programs.


Dave has been a member of the Shelterbox Response Team since 2007 and has been on 6 deployments.  Three deployments to Africa, and one each to China, Philippines and Nepal.

Dave has been a Rotarian since 1992.  Dave works as an IT Management Consultant and lives just north of Kingston on Cronk Lake. Dave's interests include refereeing lacrosse and spending time outdoors. According to Dave, the best thing about ShelterBox is meeting people who care about improving life for others.


Dan grew up on a dairy farm in British Columbia and now lives in Smithers. He joined ShelterBox with a wide array of volunteer experience under his belt, including time spent in Peru assisting with construction projects and building schools in communities, as well as in Mexico and Haiti helping with the general maintenance of orphanages. Searching for volunteer opportunities in the disaster relief sector, Dan found ShelterBox and was interested in becoming involved. He joined ShelterBox Canada in 2012 as an Ambassador and SRT member and his first deployment was in response to the earthquake in Guatemala in 2012. 

Dan currently works as a commercial helicopter pilot with Quantum Helicopters, working along the West Coast of BC.


Jessica was born and raised in Toronto, and is currently working in South Sudan. She completed her MA in Development Studies at York University, and her BA in Political Science at the University of Toronto. She enjoys camping, road trips, and very spicy food.
Jessica deployed to Nepal in 2014 to respond to flooding and landslides, again to Nepal for the 2015 earthquakes, and to Myanmar in 2015 to conduct needs assessment in response to flooding.



Jen was born in Toronto, and has lived in Florida, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska. She enjoys camping, hiking, kayaking, and canoeing with her husband, two sons, and pooch.
Jen's passion for other cultures, international causes, and giving back to the global community has led her to be a staunch supporter of ShelterBox and a proud Response Team member. Jennifer has deployed to the Philippines (2009), Mexico (twice in 2010) and Guatemala (2010 & 2012), Colombia and Thailand (2011), and looks forward to helping people in need on future deployments. 


Richard has been an SRT for 6 years deploying to the Philippines (x2), Sudan, Serbia, Zimbabwe and Nepal as a part of Shelterbox responses tackling hurricaes, flooding, and landslides.

Hailing from Canada's West Coast, when not deploying with ShelterBox, Richard works in the international development work with the international sports charity Laureus Sport for Good and can also be found chasing remote ice rinks around the world because of his passion for hockey.




Ron is a retired businessman who enjoys adventure, travel, sports, wilderness expeditions, volunteering and humanitarian service. He is Past President of the Kenora Rotary Club and has been involved in World Community Service at the District level.  ShelterBox was an easy match.

As an SRT, he has had 10 deployments, 3 as the team leader, including Bangladesh (twice), China, Haiti, Japan, the Philippines (twice), Indonesia, Turkey and Paraguay. He feels fortunate to be one of the ones distributing aid, which is provided by so many generous donors, to desperate people around the world. Ron is also a Director and Past Chair of the Board of ShelterBox Canada.

For more information about the ShelterBox Response Team, including information about the application and selection process, please view the Response Team page.