About Us

The generosity of Canadian individuals and organizations makes our work possible.

ShelterBox aims to respond to disasters and humanitarian crises rapidly, effectively and efficiently. That means we cannot wait for donations to come in, but have to draw immediately on existing resources. We realize people hear about a disaster in the news and want their donation to go to that particular destination, but by then our aid is already on the way.

This means money raised following one disaster generally ends up being used to fund our future work, which could be in a disaster in a completely different part of the world. We also respond to many major events that never make the headlines, but are just as big of a disaster for those affected.

ShelterBox has no political or religious affiliation. Our priority is to deliver shelter to those in need following a disaster.

Donations to theShelterBox aid fund go towards providing ShelterBoxes, SchoolBoxes, and Shelter kits.

General donations to ShelterBox Canada are directed to the highest priority needs of the organization. These may include:

Committment to our Supporters

The work of ShelterBox would not be possible without the generous support of donors and volunteers across Canada and around the world.

ShelterBox Canada is committed to operating with high standards of accountability to our supporters. The guiding principles of accountability, transparency and professionalism are embraced through the work of our Board and staff.  

We are a volunteer-driven organization and strive to operate efficienctly in order to maximize the funds available for our mission, as well as to ensure we are in a strong position for future growth. 


Our organization is supported by individuals and organizations, including Rotary Clubs, service & community groups, schools, faith-based groups and other businesses and foundations.